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About Us  
JagirlAmanda is all about showcasing the life of Amanda, her kids, family members and friends on a day to day basis from December 2010 through 2011. 
JagirlAmanda.com is to give other family members the chance to know what Amanda is doing, how her kids are doing,how she is enjoying her life and what she spends her time doing. 
The events that are attended and hosted by JagirlAmanda and her friends will also be showcased on this website. 
A World of Island Life  
Since 2010, JagirlAmanda has made it our mission to share local, national events by up and coming artists to the community and visitors of Montego Bay.. 
Our appreciation and love of music and getting together extends to a wide variety of mediums from Partying to Eating Jamaican Food. In order to celebrate the artistic endeavors of the many creative people in Montego Bay and Jamaica.  
Bringing You Unforgettable Fun
No one likes attending a boring party. Its not memorable. Its not fun. At JagirlAmanda, its our mission to turn every special event into an incredible experience.
JagirlAmanda attends various music shows and exhibits throughout the year, highlighting different mediums, artists and themes. For more information about our current events, please contact us through the contacts page or check our events page.  
Location:Montego Bay. Jamaica. 
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